Monday, 7 April 2008


Ran steady for 10mins before running a 2 mile time trial over the sandhills [ 12.16], I then carried on at a steady effort to meet up in the pinewoods with the club for a interval session, 8x400m, the talk was of ROB ASHWORTHS WIN IN THE OLDHAM HALF MARATHON,Rob's second win in 6 months. rob will be running in the BLACKPOOL MARATHON so it will be interesting to see if he can get a 2nd marathon win ! after the intervals I ran back over the big sandhills. On reaching the road i speeded up to half marathon pace holding around 9.5-9.7mph for a mile, it seemed surprisingly easy ! I then eased back to 9.2 mph for the final stretch home. FELT BETTER AT THE END THAN WHEN I STARTED, THIS CHIRUNNING IS AWESOME ! THANKS DANNY DREYER !
16.50 miles max 13.9 mph = 2.17.38

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