Thursday, 3 April 2008



Published: 03 Apr 2008

SIX African warriors running the London Marathon have been issued with a guide to Britain — telling them not to hunt our farm animals.

The Maasai tribesman have also been warned to keep their private parts covered up and not to spit or grab Brits’ jewellery.

The four-page guide by Greenforce charity workers tells the group not to follow their hunting instincts if they see a cow, pig or sheep in a field.

It says: “It is important to remember these animals are owned by someone and are looked after.”

The men from a remote village in Tanzania will do the 26-mile run on April 13 in robes and carrying shields and spears. They are raising money for life-saving supplies back home.

But the guide tells them: “It is illegal to show certain parts of the body so it is important to wear underpants.” It says when nature calls they should find a toilet rather than a bush.

It also advises them not to spit in public — except in a sink or at a tree “if no one is looking”. It adds: “If you take and wear something someone else has, like a bracelet, they will find it unusual"! Warrior ... Maasai tribesman

The guide also warns that Brits “seem sillier” when they drink alcohol.

Iron mighty ... Lloyd Scott with robot suit

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