Thursday, 13 March 2008


Sun 16
Easy run with jon over the sandhill loop = 59.46
Sat 15
Run with Tracey over the sandhills, through the pinewoods and out to formby point and back. = 3.07
Fri 14th
AM, Easy run with tess the mad sheep dog, over the sand
= 40 mins

Thur 13th
Rob got us to work hard with 15 x 20secs sprints with 20 secs easy, we then had 2 mins rest before sprinting another 10 x 20secs with 20 secs easy, max speed 15.1 mph
= 44 mins

Wed 12th

steady run round parbold and ashurst inc 1800ft of climbing, 15 miles =1.54
Tue 11th
run with Niz over the sandhills easy 38 mins

Mon 10th
ran down over the sandhills to meet up with the club for Brians speed session
10x short hill, ran back home with tracey = 2.10

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