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How is chi running different from the Pose Method advocated by Dr. Nicholas

Romanov? I practice the Pose Method and it sounds very similar to me. -- David Boyce, Evanston, Ill.

ChiRunning and Pose share the same focus of leaning to engage the pull of gravity for propulsion. That is about the only similarity I can see.

With the Pose Method, Dr. Romanov has runners land on their forefoot, while ChiRunning has runners land on their mid-foot. Landing on your forefoot requires your entire body to be momentarily supported by your calf, which, for long-distance runners, is more than that muscle was designed to do.

The Pose Method uses the leg more. With ChiRunning, we have the runners relax their lower legs as much as possible at all times in order to reduce work to the lower legs (which is one of the main areas where running injuries occur). We have runners lengthen their stride and increase their lean to run faster, versus picking up the speed of their stride. If your cadence picks up, as I think the Pose Method advises, it takes more leg muscle to turn your legs over faster. That's OK if you're a sprinter, and your race is over in 10 seconds. But ChiRunning teaches long-distance runners to rely more on your lean than your legs, and ultimately, it saves your legs.


I tried pose running back in oct -nov , I tore a calf muscle at the end of a 10 mile race, I think because i was landing on my forefoot, which put too much stress on the calves ! I also started getting pains in my hip, which i think was because of the short very fast stride you have to use in pose running.

Brian told me about Chi running and lent me the book CHI RUNNING by Danny Dreyer, every thing he says seems to make sense and it seems to be a more natural way to run.i tried out the Chi running on my 23 mile run on saturday and i finished with a lot less aches and pains than normal ! Anyway am going to keep on working on the Chi running and I'll report back later on my progress.
sun 9th

1 mile run with Niz

easy run with Jon round the

sandhill loop = 1.01

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