Sunday, 18 August 2013

Race The Train And I Won!

Ran race the train in Wales with Stevie Lewis on Saturday!
Our aim was to beat the train over 14 miles of tough terrain including hills mud and more! Only had an hour in bed after working the night shift on Friday, but still won through beating the train by 6 mins :0] Stevie also out ran the train by 4 mins
Also Mandy achieved finishing the brutal course and was last seen in the beer tent calibrating her achievement :0]

News Update Rubbish 5K is this Wed at 7 PM


Anonymous said...

haha that's nuts. well done rick and stevie

Ewen said...

Good stuff Rick. Just like the famous 'Puffing Billy' train race outside of Melbourne. They have two trains, for men and women. The men's train, you have to run about 3:45 ks over 13k of hilly trails to beat it.