Saturday, 20 July 2013

Super Hard Run Round Parbold Ashurst And Fairy Glen!

After my legs hurting on Sunday-Monday-Tuesday And Wednesday's 5K I decided to stop running for two days!
What a good choice it proved to be :0]
Due to the HEAT WAVE me and Stevie decided to run late afternoon!
My Garmin read out gave 77 in the shade, but it felt OK to me.
after my 2 days off my legs felt really fresh :0]
And it was a good thing as Stevie is hitting form.
Up the first climb of stony lane and we were flying!
On the second climb up the infamous Hunters hill Stevie hit the front from the start!
Jeez i was hanging on for grime F**king  death!
The speed was ridicules!
3/4 of the way up i was thinking shit i can't hang on any more!
But I decided to pull level him him { later he said that made him crack]!
And all of a sudden  I was in the lead and pushing forward.
I think a lot of this was down to mental strength because I'm sure Stevie was stronger on the day, cause I've never suffered so much up that F**cking hill before!
We kind of drew a truce after that and climbed the 2 miles up Ashurst Beacon side be side!
Just one final climb up Fairy Glen and it was downhill all the way to finish!
This was our very own private Tour De France !
My hardest ever training hill run for sure!

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Stevie said...

Certainly was a monster effort. Amazing how the worst we feel in those first two minutes the harder we run later in the loops
Thanks for the GarminConnect link aswell.