Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Reverse Running Championships Heaton Park Manchester 11th August 2013
Post By Dave Marsh 
The UK Backward Running Championships take place in Heaton Park, Manchester on Sunday, 11th August.
Entries are £13.50 and close on Monday, 5th August.
Garret is the overall UK & World Champion. His time for the mile is 6:58.
 Groups of 4 to 8 can also enter at £12 each.....last person over the finish line counts as the team time.
RicksRunning comments:
I run into things running forward, so God knows what would happen if I took up this challenge!
Having said that it does sound tempting :0]
any takers ?


Ewen said...

I'll buy you a Coopers if you can break 8 minutes for the mile! Easy on a track - nothing to trip over!


I think that Coopers safe in your hands :0]