Saturday, 27 July 2013

Harrock Hill Race July 2012

 Check video at 8.15 good stunt going over a stile :0]
Back in 2003 I ran 34.22 that would have given me 5th place in Wed's race!
Only managed 17th place this time despite feeling fairly strong so felt slightly disappointed!
Not quite hitting the form I was hoping for!
Maybe not enough miles in the winter might be to blame.
Still one race in the series to go, so maybe can redeem myself with a good final run!
Had another good 14 mile run with Stevie yesterday around the hills of Parbold and Harrock .


Ewen said...

That was a classic! Lucky he didn't knock himself out on the step. Used to love hurdling lower fences in the old days - make up a heap of time. Fun course. You did well, had a heap of people behind!


Thanks Ewen, But think my lack of miles this past winter is limiting my ability.
I think you can get away with low mileage for a time,but it catches up with you in the end!
Yes that guy was lucky :0]
Last year some guy got his arm stuck on barbed wire while climbing a stile, had to have a doctor remove him!!!