Saturday, 8 September 2012

15 Miles In The Hills Pushing The Buttons!

I set out on a very challenging 15 mile hill run.
After achieving my targets for this summer.
I had no desire to push the pace.
But very soon into the run I got into a groove!
My pace picked up on the first climb and  I was motoring along at an indecent pace!
I smashed my record for finishing hunters hill with a sprint over the top of 11.6 MPH!
Holly Fuck!
This is a steep mother fucker with a 1 in 3 max gradient!
But soon the heat of the day took its toll!
 I mean its been one F**k of a wet summer this year with no time to adjust to warmer climates!
The third climb was up Ashurst Beacon a beast of a hill!
 I got into a threshold pace and into the groove.
Past the Bradley Wiggins sign half way up!
 I just pushed and pushed!!!
The final climb was up Appley Bridge.
 I was in the Zone. pushing pushing!
At last I reached the top.
Just a descent down Parbold Hill left!
 End Result. I equaled my best time this year.


Thomas said...

Don't let that other shit get you down! Be glad that you have running as an outlet.

Anonymous said...

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