Sunday, 15 April 2012

Running Progress

Had a good run over the big sandhills with Tess, equaling my best average pace achieved just before I got injured.
Wednesdays 5K race went OK I was still a little hesitant to push all out so the plan was to aim at a good tempo effort.
I finished relieved that nothing broke and i can now go on with some confidence!
One problem I do have is excess weight about 10LB!
This will have to go, with a bit of luck some slightly more intensive sessions will melt the fat and added muscle away!
One annoying thing about running is that when you get really fit the average population think you look unwell and gnarly!
But when your a bit fatter people think like your looking good! 
Oh well, expect me to be looking gnarly again in the near future:]
Sandhill 6 with Sarah,Jon and Tess = 1.20
Big Sandhills with Tess = 1.40
Core training
Velvet trail and 6 x 20 sec strides on grass = 1.00
rubbish 5K (tempo effort) =19.22
core training
Mon Big sandhills and 6 x 20 sec strides = 1.30


Anonymous said...

good to see you back at it. have you any target races in mind?

Ewen said...

Nice going Rick. Stick to Pure Blonde and you'll save a few calories:


Waterloo 15K and the Harrock Hill series Marty.
Ewen cheers I'll check that out.

bricey said...

Sounds like things are back to normal.... I can relate to the added weight issue ... I'm about 10lbs up too on where I was a couple of years ago ... It's not shifting though! Maybe I'll give up eating :)

Anonymous said...

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