Saturday, 24 March 2012

RicksRunning Trail and Hill Running Training Program

Hi Guys,
I am now fully back into training and my injury seems to be behind me :0]
I decided to follow a training plan from Mario Fraioli from
The Plan
I will be adding some extra easy miles to the plan as its a bit light on overall mileage, but I also want to make sure I stay fresh and injury free, so almost all my running will be off road.
I'm now trying to follow a full spectrum diet, these means eating lots of fresh fruit and veg from a full range of colours!
Many people eat healthy but drink really unhealthy tap water.
Remember our bodies are at least 70% water and every cell in our body needs pure clean water to operate at a high level.
Sadly most tap water contains Fluoride which is a classified poison, effects from which include brain damage, lowered IQ, heart damage and many more very nasty side effects.
Please do your own independent investigations into the use of Fluoride in tap water and its serious health issues!
The only answer is to buy a water distiller which will transform the dirtiest of tap waters into pure clean healthy drinking water.
Also stop using toothpaste with fluoride.
A good alternative is to brush your teeth with bicarbonate of soda, works really well!
Two weeks on and my mind has become so much sharper as well as a gradual improvement in energy levels, I even give Tess distilled water to drink.
P,s. I noticed some time ago that Tess much preferred drinking rain water to the tap water in her bowl, smart dog!
Training Week 2
Progression run with Tess.
Location big sand dune trails
1 1/2 miles easy then 3 miles steady followed by 1 mile hard.
We then ran easy for a few miles finishing with 6 x 20 strides on grass.
Beautiful sunny day, felt good :0]
Total time 1 Hour 35 mins
core training,weights
6 x 20 sec strides on grass, followed by easy run over the big sand dunes = 1 hour 45 mins
Big sand dunes steady = 1 hour 36 mins
core training and weights
Velvet trail and sandhill 6 route inc 10 x 1 min hard 1 min easy
= 1 hour 20 mins
I'm thinking 5 days a week running is enough for a bloke my age, the 2 days off allow me to return anew and afresh to the sport I LOVE!


Ben J said...

Hey Rick, Great to hear you're back into some good running. I think the extra strides, short intervals and better rest should help you find your speed again!

Hope to see you putting in some good performances over summer.


Thanks Ben,
Hope your training for London is going well :0]

Thomas said...

All the best with your training, may the injuries be behind you!



Ewen said...

All the best Rick. Love trail running - trouble is, most of our trail runs are mountain runs!

Our best local W55 runner (broke the Australian 3000m record last week) runs 5 days a week and cycles the other two, so that sort of schedule can work well.


Thats good to hear Ewen :0]

Steve said...

Pleased to see you blogging about your running again, and now the weather has joined the party too - good times