Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Beautiful Day To Be A Runner!

Today the sun burned away the winter depression and showered the world in a new light!
After months of hibernation it was SO GOOD to by running in just a vest and shorts.
Just like a bulb implanted into the ground long ago the NEW light brought us back to life, like we were experiencing this for the very first time!
The sun shone into even the darkest of recesses of the winter past and brought the whole of nature alive with a warm glittering pure golden glow.
Running over the sand dunes along the the highest ridges with the sea to one side and the vast expanding dunes to our left, Tess and me had one beautiful run fore sure!
Times, speed and heart rate meant nothing today, the experience of BEING in this majestic place meant EVERYTHING :0}


Scott Brown said...

Nice to run in such conditions! Looks like a scene from "The Hounds of Baskerville" outside here!


Scott are you on the same time line as us ie Spring-=summer etc?

Ewen said...

Rick, don't know if Scott will see your reply, as one can't subscribe to get comments via email the way your blog setting are.

Nice run! You make me almost want to throw away my Garmin ;-)


Thanks Ewen I'll look into the email settings.
keep the Garmin just don't look at it all the time.

Thomas said...

Great that you can call yourself a runner again!

Scott McMurtrey said...

First days of spring brought us big snows here. Yuck.