Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Principles of Running, Don't Stop Till You Drop!

Hi Guys,
After two months of injury [torn Achilles tendon] I'm back!
As my friend Rob said never give up!
And here I am, ready to give it one more SHOT!
I followed my physio's instructions,
At first I didn't seem to be getting anywhere fast.
But I kept the faith!
And after weeks and weeks of painful jogging and walking my body suddenly recovered last week and I found myself pain free :0]
For me running has always been about the feeling of freedom, taking in the fresh air and enjoying nature, fast times and winning has always been of secondary importance!
Hell yes It's GOOD to be back!


Anonymous said...

It is great news that you have recovered.
Good luck


Thanks Canute !

Ewen said...

That's great news Rick. Don't go crazy in the sandhills or with the uphill running until the achilles is fully back to normal.

Enjoyed the video on natural running - some good ideas there re drills and 'scootering'.

Scott Brown said...

Great so happy for you! Now if you can get a few more PBs in before some government spook kills you in your sleep, I'll be much happier!


Ewen I can see you on that scooter now,oh man!!!
Don't worry Scott I have Tess to protect me:0]

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Rick


Cheers Marty
But in spirit I've never been away.