Wednesday, 28 September 2011

London Marathon 2012

First I hope if you entered London you got good news this week, for me once again I got in through my 'Good For Age' time.
This will be my 9th London, this time I'm 100% determined to get it right and break 2.45.
In the past I've said I want to be a 2.45 runner and now I've learned that is a mistake!
You see to say that means I want to be a 2.45 runner some time in the future, but what I really should say to myself is " I am a 2.45 runner"!
I need to dream, act and behave like a 2.45 runner NOW!
Only believing 100% 'Now' will bring my desire true!
For 'Now' is the only time we live in!
I came across a good article by Steve Magness looking into the training of some all time great runners; Steve Cram, Steve Ovett, John Walker and many more, one thing they all did was building a massive base of aerobic training first before moving on to harder training.
As I said in my last post I think this base training is the key to me achieving my best possible potential.
Cutting out sugary cereals from my diet has made an amazing difference to my body weight in a very short time, since the summer I have dropped from 11st 10lb to only 11st my lightest weight for a long time!
FACT; we all know excess body weight will slow us down due to having to lift that weight on each stride but one think we often forget is that extra body fat acts like an insulator stopping the heat we build up while running hard escaping, causing over heating and even heat stroke in extreme conditions.
We all train our bodies when we run BUT training your mind will bring even greater achievements.
Remember your mind controls your what body will do and sets the limits.
Learn how to free your mind and push your limits sky high and beyond!
Until the next time, Rick

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