Saturday, 17 September 2011

Evolution Of A Runner And The Power Of The Mind!

I've trained my body to it;s very limits since the age of 24 but maybe not my mind!
Since becoming interested in the work of Bruce Lipton I've decided to re-train my mind so I can push back the limits and remove the boundaries of what is possible, it's going to be an interesting journey for sure!
More details later.

Sandhills 6
I guess we all have our favourite routes we use for tempo runs or time trials, I've been using the sandhill 6 route since 2003 with a best time of 33.54 set back in 2005.
On Thur I ran my fastest time of the year with 35.03.
Quite pleased with that as I had done an interval session with the club on Wed and a mega session of 20 x 400 M on Monday, starting at 10K pace [5.40] and gradually building up to 5K plus pace [5.18] at the end!
Felt strong :0]
RUBBISH 5K 21st Sep at 7pm
We will now have chip timing at this event thanks to Steve McLean


Ewen said...

You're on fire Rick. 20 x 400! I'm going to back you on Centre Bet to smash a few of Scotty's PBs.

Anonymous said...

great week rick, good to you flyin again


Thanks guys!