Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Back To Lydiard Training!

I've decided to return to Lydiard base training for the next 3 months!
I will then move into Marius Bakkens Marathon plan at the start of next year with the aim of once and for all smashing the 2.45 barrier!
Why The Lydiard base?
Well I had very good results off his base training in 2007 when I ran an amazing sub 6 pace in a very hilly 8.5 mile race and followed that up with a 58.28 10 mile race in sub zero temps in the middle of Nov, I also remember doing a 10K trail race run on mostly dirt trails and sand at close to 6 min mile pace to finish 4th.
Marius Bakken's training programme has worked very well for me over the last two years with a Marathon P.B. last year and 1/2 Marathon P.B.s both last year and this year where I ran an amazing 77 mins for first M 50 at the Liverpool Half.
But I think starting his programme with a better base will lift my fitness to new heights, I will consult Marius first before going ahead with my plan, but I do think it's a good one!
The Lydiard programme I've used before is based on his original and I think best plan, I think later Lydiard programmes where watered down to much for the average Joe public!
I like his hard core early 1960's programme :0]
My modified version looks something like this;
Mon fartlek session. 1.30 hours
Tue easy 1 hour
wed alternating over 3 weeks- 3miles, 6 miles or 10 mile tempo run at up to MP pace.
Thur easy with 6 x strides at end. 1 hour
Sat 1.30-2 hours easy-steady
Sun 1-1.30 hours easy.
Every 4th week will be a reduced mileage week to make sure I stay fresh.
This worked very well for me before, so think it will again.
What do you think?
Interested to hear your answers, cheers Rick
Scott Overall blogs about his amazing 5th place at Berlin


Ben J said...

Hey Rick, your plan sounds pretty good to me,

In my relatively inexperienced opinion... I'd maybe try and get an extra speed session in somewhere, maybe as part of your other stuff on fri or saturday or even just every other week. I guess this risks more injuries and wearing yourself out etc but should help to make marathon pace feel more comfortable.

I've been trying to get a few more faster sessions in lately and noticed my longer easy/steady runs have speeded up a bit too without feeling like I'm working any harder. At the end of the day though you know what your body responds to best!

I was reading about Emil Zatopek the other day. I liked this quote on Interval Training, It definitiley inspired me a bit...

"Why should I practice running slow? I already know how to run slow. I want to learn to run fast."
Best of luck, see you soon Ben

Honk Bonk Man said...

My version of Lydiard would be like this:

Mon: 30-45 min(hilly)
Tue: 60-90 min(Tempo)
Wed: 30-45 min (easy)
Thu: 60-90 min(long reps)
Fri: 30-45 min(easy)
Sat: 90-150 min
Sun: 60 min(easy)

For mileage purposes I would double an easy 30-40 min on Tuesday and Thursday.

I would build my Tuesday and Thursday runs from 60 to 90 min in four weeks.

If you are a master runner I think you should not run this schedule as base training for more than 8 weeks, maximum 12 weeks.

Ewen said...

I think it's a good idea to change a plan from time to time just for the stimulation effect of doing something different. Good to refresh the mind too. Can't see why this won't work well for you Rick.


Thanks for comments all, Cheers :0]