Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Run Faster Just By Adding These Two Simple Sessions To Your Training!

My Sports physio recommended I did some single leg hopping to improve my leg strength.
After doing some research I came across Mike Trees article, he recommends doing uphill single leg hopping to increase stride length and doing wind sprints to improve leg speed.
Read his article and watch his videos Here
Give it a try and see if you get faster and stronger after just 6 weeks!


Back into full training now!
Sandhill 6 route at tempo pace 36.27
Plus 10 x 45 sec at 10 K effort up and down a slight hill.
Found the tempo effort tough in the midday sun but recovered to run the short efforts pretty strongly.
Easy run with Tess over the sandhills = 1.06
Club track session, plus 6 x 20 sec strides downhill on grass. = 1.12
Sandhills with Rob, Eddie and Tess, plus run down = 1.07
Parbold hill run, pushed hard on the hills = 1.40

Check out Radio Caroline for your summer sounds!


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Anonymous said...

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