Wednesday, 22 July 2009


READ ELITE BRITISH ATHLETE GORDEN PIRIE'S BOOK, on correct ball of the foot running and why modern running shoes are designed to injure you, a must read! Thanks to GMC for link.

2007 Updated version with photos


Ewen said...

I've already read it! Good book.

How's the Barry McGee plan going? Are you over the niggles?


Hi Ewen,
my calf broke down again last week, I've come to the conclusion that running with a dorsi flexed ankle and midfoot stike might be be putting to much stress on my calf, due to the acute angle of my foot-ankle.
I am retraining to run on my forefoot, which was my natural style in the first place1
Barry has given me a recover plan of easy running on grass with walking in between.
BARRY SAYS; jogging and easy running without doing too much . Best also to split it with walk /jogs as it helps you back faster .
My old way was starting on a grass track and would run 400 mts and walk 200 mts about 10 times if no pain . Next day jog 800 mts and walk 200 about 6 times
Next day jog 1500 with 200 walk about 3 times Then perhaps a 30 min jog . Next day 3 x 15 min jogs with 5 min walk . Then 2 x 30 min jogs with 5 min walk . Then 45 min jog

Get the picture . All on the flat and all on the grass . Slowly does it .


Surprisingly since changing to ball of the foot running my calf is feeling a lot better, next stoip will be a pair of NIKE FREE shoes1

bricey said...

Rick. Thanks for the link. I look forward to reading it on my holidays

Bruce said...

Thanks it looks like a good read. Sounds like you're recovering from injury too right now, all the best with getting back out there. I've taken almost a year off running now to rest shin and heel injuries and like you I plan on adopting a mid foot style when I run again.


Good luck with your return to running.
Think Barry Magee's advice [see above] might help you.


Bruce here is another article you might find of interest relating to the sort of injuries you had;

Anonymous said...

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