Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Its been a dreadfully frustrating and at times depressimg 4 weeks since my calf muscle tear.
Two weeks into my recovery the muscle gave way again, setting me back once more.
I decided to look closely at my running style and decided my dorsi-flexed ankle and heel-midfoot strike had to go, almost by magic changing to a forefoot strike [ my natural style] brought about a very rapid recovery, so much so that I completed an hour and a half run over the big sand dunes at a good pace on Saturday without any problem.
So on Monday I decided to join in the club session on the grass track down at Greenbank high school.
Starting the session with great caution, by the end I was fair old flying round.
The next step is to get some light weight flat soled, flexible shoes as recommended by Gorden Pirie and Arthur Lydiard.
Barry Magee said sometime a injury can be a blessing in disguise, in this case I have to agree.
I'm enjoying my running much more now and I feel more like a proper Athlete as I run along on my forefoot.

Calf muscle massage tip
Not sure who told me about this but it works, to massage the calf's and to free up any tight or sore spots simply get a ROLLING PIN and roll it up and down the back of the calf for a minute or two, hey presto you now have one set of very relaxed muscles.

GORDEN PIRIE RUNNING FAST AND INJURY FREE 2007 Updated version with photos


Thomas said...

What shoes are you getting?


HI THOMAS, I'm not sure yet going to talk to Barry Magee about which shoes he would recommend

Grellan said...

I had the exact same issue with my calf strain. I thought I was on the mend and set myself back another 4 weeks instead.

Chad said...

Rick, saw your comment on Peter Magill's blog. I left a comment there, but thought you'd be more likely to see it here;

Try "The Competitive Edge" by Richard Elliot and "The Total Runner" by Jerry Lynch (these may be out of print and hard to find). And "Running Within" by Jerry Lynch.

Ewen said...

Good to hear you're finally over the injury.

You might prefer the Free #3s, which are very minimal. I still like the #5s - they look built-up at the heel, but they're not really as the heel sits into that part. I used to do a lot of barefoot running, and I reckon the Free is damned close to the feeling of running barefoot.


Thanks Chad for info, cheers.
Ewen Thanks also for info on the Nike free, I'll try and get a test run in them at the local running shop, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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