Wednesday, 14 November 2012



Report  by Nic
Wednesday 21st November will be the first of the Torchlit Tip 5k
an enlightening take on the 5k summer route round the reclamed
land by Dobbies on Benthams Way.

Last season saw participants of all abilities brave the elements (and
in some cases extremely trying conditions) to don their head torches
and steam off into the night.

This year we have a new and improved light rig at the start/finish
line, courtesy of Andrew, (he’s been waiting for an excuse to crack
out the generator he bought in the B&Q sale for a while now!) and we
have the usual mystery spot prizes.

As always it’s free to enter and a 7pm start with the race going ahead
come rain, shine or nuclear attack!

So whether you’ve taken part before, coming down for the first time or
wanting to help out with marshalling the course all are welcome and
head torches will be available to borrow if unlike Rick you don’t have
a 1000kw high powered beam!

Many thanks to Rick for organising the summer series and hope that
everyone is feeling recharged and ready for an illuminating race!

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