Sunday, 23 August 2009


I'd told Barry that I felt like I was lacking some top end power after my last race, so Barry came back with a programme to get me ready for the Harrock Hill race.
Mon was 20 x 45m with 55m easy, this was a new session to me and I found it hard to accelerate up to speed over such a short period of time, it left me feeling some what inadequate compared to Mr Usain Bolt.
Tue was a nice easy aerobic run over the sand dunes, I felt great! = 1.18
Wed I was meant to do a 5 k tempo run , but as I was organizing the 'rubbish 5k' I decided to race that, I felt really heavy legged and ran slower than when I had run round the course only 4 days after the London Marathon on my own!
Thur was 5 x up Selworthy hill and finishing at the top of the grass mound, I felt strong and ran on average 4 sec faster than two weeks ago, with a best of 5.54 pace for the 0.4 of a mile uphill.
Fri was a 1 mile TT round the Selworthy hill 1/2 MILE loop twice, I felt very tired and ran a poor 5.44 mile!
Sat I ran in the hills of Parbold for an hour and a half, felt pretty good as I ran over 5 cli
mbs and stayed mostly on the off road paths.
I ran close to my best time for this very demanding course.
Sun I ran with Jon easy over the sandhill 6, plus ran down and back for a total of 1.22

Bolt wants British actor Statham to play him in

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Ewen said...

So that's how Bolt does it!

Grellan said...

Very solid weeks running despite the heavy legs. Great Replay!


Yeah, amazing what you can see in 'slow motion'!