Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Taking my own life into my hands I braved the scene of recent shooting and hand grenade attacks- Selworthy rd, this is no run down council estate but one of the poshest areas of Southport and more importantly it has the biggest hill for miles around. I have the sandhills to run up, but even the biggest one only takes 30 sec to sprint up, Barry had scheduled 5 x 2 mins uphill so the 'new Beirut' hill was my best option.
After a good warm up I attacked the first effort, reaching the top of Selworthy rd I took a right and continued along Waterloo rd then turned through the gate posts and sprinted to the top of the grassy

mound over looking the famous Royal Birkdale Golf course [ the scene of last years open championships].First effort 2.24 and 10 mph average, each effort got faster with
the 4th in 2.17.Worked on knee lift and ball of the foot running, felt quite strong but I decided to miss the 5th as I could feel a slight sciatic problem that effects my calf, some deep pressure massage on the trigger points of my calf and I was away again heading home, the calf felt ok so I speeded up to marathon pace for the final mile and a half.
Another visit to my chiropractor and more deep pressure massage looks in order.

4 x Beirut hill av
erage speed 5.59 pace.
Total time =55mins


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Mark Dickinson said...

Beirut is an extremely safe city.... we have almost no murders per capita... your car is safe... people are rarely mugged... rape is unheard of... More than that, Beirut has an amazing marathon! and a vibrant running community...

Voted Party Capital of the world 2009 by CNN...

come and run