Monday, 15 December 2008


Gravity pulls you for all speeds from walking to sprinting. When you drop your feet behind your body's center (navel high), the speed increases exponentially with each stride. The more steps and farther back you drop your feet the more speed increases. You level off when your coordination stops. At that point your feet reach ahead of center. The less ahead, the less slowdown from the speed you reached.
Landing off balance more than the others always wins because gravity pulls you faster. You can't do that without falling unless you exchange your feet faster (up and forward). The speed spreads the feet apart and you need to work hard to keep them together as much as you can. The effort to shorten your stride pays off to land more to the rear. Far behind the center of balance at the start and less in front of center when you reach your pace.
When you stand centered between your heel and toe the heel is pressing from behind and the toe is pressing from in front. You are centered between both supports and no muscles can push you, because your legs are designed to push you straight up, not forward. You can't move forward staying centered. you need to lift the front support and fall forward. When you reach your pace your feet drop ahead. The more they drop ahead the more you lose the speed you reached.

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