Saturday, 29 June 2013

Amazing interview with Iron Man Mark Allen!

Mark talks about how he used mind over matter to win his 6th and final Iron Man! Some amazing stuff to learn here that we can all use in our next race or training session! Check it out!


Ewen said...

Thanks Rick. I'm a big Mark Allen fan. Have saved the page to watch later.


He raced here in Southport back in the 80's and I watched him win the race!
My Bro was also in the race!
Good stuff on quietening the mind and staying in the moment!

Anonymous said...

Rick - I'd quite liked to have watched that interview. Unfortunately, those three vacuous numbskulls on the sofa boogled my brainbox to such an extent that I was forced to kick my computer screen in the pixels, smash it to the floor and run screaming from the room.

So I never even made it as far as the tri man. And now I can still hear those dreadful goons polluting my pretty little head. I can't take it anymore. Please Rick, make it stop.

Archibald Buttercup