Friday, 18 January 2013

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Torchlit Tip 5k review Despite the threat of an ice skating session the final race in the Torchlit Tip 5k Series went ahead last night in surprisingly good conditions. Matt Thompson sped off from the outset, determined to rectify his previous navigational error, with thirty runners in hot persuit. With a finishing time of 17:42, a minute ahead of the rest of the pack, Matt did indeed stamp his authority on the final race of this series. There was a sprint finish for second position with Max Rothwell overtaking Steve Mclean on the final stretch to finish with a new personal best time of 18:42 and will no doubt be soon looking to put pressure on his dad’s historic (pre-garmin era) PB’s. First lady home was Trace Peters in a time of 20:22. Many thanks for those helping and bearing torches at strategic points in freezing conditions and also to Nicola and Neil, the ever present timekeeper, adding an air of authority to the proceedings and generally ensuring fair play all round. The three winter runs have achieved 102 entrants and a host of valuable helpers. Initially to offer a fun detour to the dark winter nights, the event has proved popular and will return. In the meantime Rick will now orchestrate the summer series and urge you all to continue with your support and attendance. Andrew Hudson

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