Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My Next Race 'Through The Villages'

The 'Through The Villages' is what I consider to be a true classic road race.
It's run over a challenging 8.5 mile hilly course, starting at the bottom of the first of five climbs and ending coming back down  that very first climb at break neck speed!
In 2009 when I started this blog I had what I consider to be one of my best all-time races, despite only finishing 19th in a high class field of runners.
I broke sub 6 min mile average pace, which for me I think was pretty epic :0]
See my report from 2007 

through the villages 8.5 mile race

Rob's Session10 x 1/2 Mile Selworthy Rd hill loop
Wed 24th Oct
This was a bit of a shock to the system, after 6 efforts I had to back off to get a breather on the 7th mile, I think this was more a mental than physical thing as I finished strong.
I'm more interested in ticking over than destroying myself right now, but I soon found myself hanging onto an in form Rob, with the result of some fast half miles!
1, 5.35  average pace mins per mile
2, 5.29 pace
3, 5.25 pace
4, 5.23 pace
5. 5.12 pace
6, 5.19 pace
7, 5.51 pace [steady]
8, 5.25 pace
9, 5.27 pace
10, 5.23 pace


Ewen said...

Hope you have another epic race this year Rick. Looks like you're in good form - quick pace for those 1/2 miles.


Thanks Ewen,
Race went OK but a little slower than 5 years ago!