Saturday, 11 February 2012

Torchlight 5k RESULTS and a New 2012 Awakening!

Frozen but not deterred............ As a perfect circular red moon settled low in the sky, twenty-nine glowing participants braved the elements on Wednesday night to take part in the final Torchlit Tip 5k of the winter series.

Not put off by the plummeting thermometer, the still evening and surprisingly good underfoot conditions resulted in some excellent times and indeed several reported personal bests.

In repeat of the previous Torchlit race, Rob McGrath steamed off from the start to retain his title in an impressive 18.08. This multi-national event offered a warm welcome to adopted Glaswegian Mark Ashby, finishing second in conditions which he felt were “mild.”

A fully recharged Sue Cooper took the ladies victory ahead of Vicki Harvey and Rachel Thomas.

With extra safety measures in place we had no fallers giving Dr Tobin and his medical team a welcome night off.

A post race call to the missing Brian Grice thankfully confirmed he was not, as feared, laying torch down on the allotment with limited prospects of overnight survival in sub-zero temperatures!

Thanks to all who attended any of the Torchlit series and subject to favourable support/feedback hope to return towards the end of 2012.

Many thanks, Andrew.

Now over to you Rick...............

Thanks Andy for a great winter event, Fantastic 5k series and all for FREE :0]

The Rubbish 5K will return this summer, check my blog nearer the time for the full summer program of events!



1 Rob McGrath 18.08

2 Mark Ashby 18.59

3 Matt Thompson 19.01

4 Keith Lunt 19.29

5 Andrew Hudson 19.38

6 Paul Talbot 19.41

7 Paul Cain 19.45

8 Howard Nuttall 19.59

9 Matthew Nelson 20.26

10 Simon Tobin 20.29

11 Steve Lewis 20.53

12 Terry Boland 21.15

13 Paul Ashby 21.28

14 Paul Warrington 21.46

15 Ed Sherstone 22.25

16 Rob Cosgrove 22.31

17 Sue Cooper 22.34

18 Paul Stennett 23.08

19 Vicki Harvey 23.13

20 Rachel Thomas 23.40

21 Dan Wilkinson 23.54

22 Matthew Tobin 24.09

23 Geoff Caton 24.11

24 Christine Cutner 24.19

25 Carol Wright 24.31

26 Sue Stewart 26.24

27 Donna Spencer 27.21

28 Jon Singleton 27.51

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