Thursday, 19 January 2012

Southport Torchlite 5 K RESULTS An enlightening experience.........

An enlightening experience.........By Andy Hudson

Much improved and indeed almost a tropical evening greeted thirty-four
eager participants and a healthy number of much appreciated helpers at
the Torchlit Tip venue last night.

Seemingly darker than the normal extreme darkness! And the route
marked with new experimental “blue” glowsticks, the runners headed off
across the desolate wasteland no doubt exciting local astronomers with
speculative talk of a shooting star!

A breakaway group soon disappeared headed by a rejuvenated Rob
McGrath, holding off stiff competition to take victory on his debut in
18 minutes 25 seconds.

Back in the midfield there was a faller at Beeches Brook (hope you are
ok Clare!) As the dots of lights became strung out across the winding
undulating pathways, Sue Cooper pulled up with mechanical failure
(Duracell next time Sue!) whilst Rick and his now legendary apparatus
created the feel of a bright summer afternoon at the bridge crossing.

Course photographer, Mr Caton, busied himself with random shots of
passing black cats whilst manning a strategic crossing.

Tracy came home in 20 minutes 38 seconds closely followed by Clare
Constable despite her two broken legs from the earlier unintended
rapid decent to ground level!!

Prizes fell to Paul Talbot, Carol Wright ad Paul Warrington with the
ceremonial throw of the dice sourced from the family Monopoly set!

Is it possible to have a better time in the dark?

Watch out for the FINAL event on the 8th February where forty
participants is a realistic target.

Lingering question; Where was defending champion Ben?.................
from Steve James
Ben is in London organizing the Olympics

1 Rob McGrath 18:25
2 Steve Mclean 18:39
3 Steve Lewis 18:55
4 Keith Lunt 19:23
5 Andrew Hudson 19:55
6 Paul Talbot 20:08
7 Martin Sutton 20:12
8 Neil Silcock 20:21
9 Simon Tobin 20:28
10 Tracy Peters 20:38
11 Clare Constable 20:57
12 Paul Ashby 21:00
13 Trevor Williams 21:08
14 Ed Sherstone 22:48
15 Matthew Tobin 22:49
16 Rob Cosgrove 22:51
17 Paul Warrington 22:52
18 Colin Aindow 23:13
19 Vicki Harvey 23:49
20 Paul Stennett 24:14
21 Rachel Thomas 24:42
22 Chris Cutner 24:50
23 Carol Wright 24:54
24 Elaine Sutton 26:08
25 Sue Stewart 27:09
26 Donna Spencer 27:19
27 Jane Blacklin 27:19
28 Jon Singleton 27:35
29 Dave Menzies 28:02
30 Gill Gillison 28:06
31 Indy Hesketh 29:04
32 Sheila Marshall 30:00
33 Brian Grice 30:00


Thomas said...

Love the report - very funny!

Ewen said...

I manage to go A over T in broad daylight. Unless I had a 1000 candle-power torch I'd be hopeless!

Don't see your name Rick. Organising I guess?


Injured and helping out Ewen!

Ewen said...

Hang in there Rick. Hope you can still make London.


Thanks Ewen.
I may rest up and return to London next year.
20 years of running and racing plus another 10 cycle racing have taken there toll on my body!